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Nevada Gaming Commission Provides More Flexibility in Considering Gaming Applicants

The Nevada Gaming Control Act (Act) requires an applicant for a gaming license or other approval to appear first before the Nevada Gaming Control Board (Board) on the application. The applicant has the burden of proof and must affirmatively seek the Board’s support and its recommendation to the Nevada Gaming Commission (Commission). The Board can … Continue Reading

Update on Pending Nevada Legislation to Redefine a Gaming Device Manufacturer

As previously reported, Assembly Bill 75 would amend what is considered “manufactur[ing]” under the Nevada Gaming Control Act. The proposed amendment would narrow the scope of developers involved in the gaming device manufacturing process that would need to be licensed by the Nevada Gaming Commission as “manufacturers.” Assembly Bill 75 has passed the Nevada Assembly … Continue Reading

Nevada’s “Fast Track” for New Gaming Devices

Prior to a gaming device being given final approval by the Nevada Gaming Commission, the device must successfully pass a “field trial.” This field trial allows the gaming device to be deployed in a casino and played by casino patrons. Upon the successful completion of the field trial, the Nevada Gaming Commission will consider granting … Continue Reading

States Looking at Legalized Fantasy Sports as Revenue Source

A trend is emerging among state legislatures to legalize daily fantasy sports businesses. Just a year ago, daily fantasy sports (DFS) sites were coming under fire around the country. However, this year, several states have passed laws to legalize, regulate, and tax DFS sites, recognizing that these sites are popular and represent a method to … Continue Reading

Watch Out for Illegal Gambling in Your Casino

You own a casino. You have a license for gambling. You want to run a promotional sweepstakes tied to your member/loyalty cards. Consumers enter the drawing each time they use their member/loyalty card to gamble or to buy goods or services at your casino.  No problem, right? Maybe. The answer will depend on which state you are in. In Nevada, … Continue Reading

IRS Issue: Gaming Industry Vigilance Helps Correct a Possible Mistake

The casino industry overwhelmingly voiced its displeasure last year when the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) suggested that slot machine jackpot reporting requirements be lowered from $1,200 to $600. Gaming leaders from the 40 states that are home to land-based casinos, riverboat casinos, race track casinos, and Indian casinos, said reducing the jackpot levels would … Continue Reading